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May 22, 2008

iPod DJ Vol. 1

So here's the deal: there's been a lot of talk lately in the blogosphere about classic albums, love/hate relationships with artists etc.

For a bit of fun I thought that at times when I have nothing interesting to say (don't, alright... just don't!) that maybe what I'd do is hit shuffle on my iPod and see which album comes up. I'll then post a quick review here. The basic idea is that it'll give folks some clue as to the variety of stuff I listen to.

With luck, the albums that the iPod DJ picks will be ones that I'm proud to own. Trust me, there are several on there that I don't want anyone to know about!

Okay, spin the wheel... round and round she goes... where she stops... AH! GOOD! NOT A LEMON! [phew]

Album: Sound As Ever
Artist: You Am I
Year: 1993
Rating: 4/5

This one is Australian rockers You Am I's debut album. It was recorded at the same studio as Nirvana's "In Utero", at around the same time. It's raw-edged punky grunge with great vocals and overdriven crunchy guitar. In my opinion the band went a bit too melodic-rock after this one, but "Sound As Ever" stands as a testament to what a great sound you can get using relatively simple musical ideas.


Axe Victim said...

That's how we came to name our band. Our bassist LEB did an iPod shuffle and it landed on Free's Magic Ship. He called me and told me what had happened. I said it was an omen and the rest is history. Dave never liked it and used to try and get us to change it but that would be like changing the name of a real ship -bad luck. I don't have an iPod thingy, not anything else apart from my mobile phone Sony player. That is OK but I am not keen on listening to music on tinny little things. I bought my wife one of those col looking Sony mp3 players a couple of years back and it's still in its box!!! And I spent big on a potable speaker system for travel etc. Tsk!

Kenski said...

Hey, that sounds like a good idea! Let's give it a go...

[Click] "Flat Tire" (Albert King)
[Click] "Dimples" (Allman Brothers)
[Click] "Oncoming Traffic" (Gregg Allman)

Bloody hell, I have to skip forward a few, my iPod's become Allman obsessed.

[Click] "Hallelujah" (The Nadas)
[Click] "The Three Of Us" (Ben Harper)
[Click] "The Second Line" (Stop Inc.)
[Click] "Sexi Plexi" (Jack Johnson)

Last click...

[Click] "Paul McCartney" (Scissor Sisters)...

Oh dear... some interesting ideas, but I'm not certain I can use the last one with impunity.

Axe Victim said...

Sexi Plexi sounds about right mate? You could always pop over to mine and click on Band Name Generator and away you go.