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December 2, 2008

Back In The UK!

Yes, we're back from Paris. Very brief weekend Thanksgiving trip. The above photo (stolen from the internet as I don't have access to the ones we took right now) is of one of Jeff Koons' sculptures on display at Versailles at the moment. If you get the chance, go see the exhibition. It's great. A stunning mix of classical architecture and uber-contemporary art. Absolutely mind-blowingly cool.

There's some band news that I need to write about, but not right now. I want to get the full picture before I say anything. No, we haven't been signed by a label, if that's what you're thinking...!

I got back to Blighty to find an email in my inbox saying that Rockschool is having a Christmas concert this Thursday, in place of the regular class. Attendance is not manditory, but if you do turn up with a guitar and amp then you can join in on "Knocking On Heaven's Door". Not sure whether we're talking Dylan, Clapton or Guns, here... trying to find out the real skinny before I say yay/nay. I could use the time to catch up on other stuff I've missed along the way. Apparently, last Thursday's lesson was 'great', 'the best yet' (according to Teach, whose opinion may well be biased!)

Work? Aaaargh!!! Okay, not as bad as it was (hopefully), but the end of the month wasn't quite the watershed I was hoping for. The biggest difference, though, is that my attitude towards it has to change. I need to make sure I don't stress as much about it as I have been.


Col said...

Yeah man, go to the Rockschool open jam on Knockin' where you can solo your heart out over the dozen or so other guitarists strumming along. If nothing else it will be very funny and it's something I wished I had done. Go have fun. It'll take your mind of work.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Awww Jealous. Y'all are having too much fun, us... not so much.

Playing gigs to an empty house where the only patrons are at the bar sucking up the 3 for 1 specials and shouting "Red Hot Chili Peppers" at our all-original material do not a happy Auntie Jac make.

Kenski said...

Ouch... drunken critics!

I have a feeling I'm going to need to practice my duck and cover anti-beer-bottle technique the first time we 'go live'. Can't wait, though!

Furtheron said...

Knocking on Heavens Door- just play your version. I did a "turn up and play" gig with some colleagues for a work thing some years back, as we finished Brown Sugar the drummer says "That's my favourite Stones track" I reply "I thought that was Jumping Jack Flash". "Isn't that what we just played" he looks at me surprised... :-)

The band... don't tell us you are the big stars on this weeks X-Factor - you too will look bored and be unable to lip-sync to your own record and will say "awsome" as many times as possible in the interview.

If you want to see great car crash TV it's bound to be on YouTube somewhere. Poor Britney...

Oh yes - one thing some punters never understand is that they can throw bottles but 8lb plus of Les Paul one hell of a weapon if wielded with venom... :-)