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December 11, 2008

Project Recap: April 2008

So, at the start of April I was running out of ideas as to how to move forward. I'd taken myself down to open mics but had failed miserably to network with anyone who wanted to collaborate. I'd not written any new material and I hadn't recorded any demos.

Whatever drive I had was petering out and it looked likely that I would remain stuck as a bedroom noodler for the rest of my life.

Just as I was starting to give up, the hand of fate intervened and I got an invite from fellow blogger and top bloke, Col of Axe Victim and the rockin' band Magic Ship. He asked whether I'd be interested in coming over and jamming with his side-project 'The Sociables'. Pre-project Ken would have shit his drawers and run away screaming... 'Fillmore Five' Ken recognised that this was the opportunity he'd been waiting for. At long last a new experience and a quantum leap in the right direction! I'm still immensely grateful to Col for the opportunity and all the support and advice since then. Without the foot in the door I reckon I'd still be on the outside.

I had momentum again and I started to be more proactive about creating music. I recorded a couple of demos. Despite not being great art, they were something concrete at least. I also started to consider how I could make better use of my time. The 3+ daily commute was starting to take its toll (after two years!) and I hated the fact that it was simply dead time as far as The Project was concerned. Time was ticking away.

Back to today... still no valve in the mail, BUT I did actually get to have a play with another VS100. Whilst the amp itself didn't sound as nice as mine for some reason... perhaps it'd been ridden hard and put away wet... it didn't suffer from any of the background noise that mine does. At least that confirms that there's definitely something wrong! Hopefully a new valve will fix it, otherwise I'm going to have to look at other options.


Col said...

A new pre amp valve might not be the answer here Ken. I put one into my old Marshall and sure enough it marginally sweetened the tone just because it was fresh, but when amps start making noise it's generally not good news. It's high time for you to find an appropriate partner for that Gibson Les Paul of yours. And you can afford to go valve. Believe me, once you make that quantum leap you won't go back. My trouble is that my valve amp needs too much volume to start sounding good. I might have to invest in one of those doobies that will enable me to ramp up the valves but keeps the sound at non deafening volumes. What are they called? Anyway, I am still trying to match a guitar to that amp. I'm getting through 'em I can tell you. It's time for you and Red to go and audition a few prospective partners.

Kenski said...

I *do* like the way you think, Col... :-)