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December 19, 2008

Chasing Valves..., not "Chasing Cars"... chasing valves!

So, it's been two weeks and no valve, despite having chased the supplier earlier in the week and being told (rather off-handedly) that my order was in a batch that had been processed so I should receive it 'within the next couple of days'.

Phoned them up again just now and got someone else, who searched their system and found that my valve hadn't been processed for some reason. She was very apologetic and promised to comp me next-day delivery, so I should hopefully have it tomorrow... hopefully.

We shall see!

In other news, the powers that be just suggested to me that perhaps I'd like to work all the way through Xmas and New Year's as our software licence for a particular program is running out and they'd like to get the best value possible out of the remaining few weeks.

I'll leave it to your imagination how many fingers I mentally held up!


Istvanski said...

I misread this as "chasing Values"!
Good job I'm not that dyslexic or I could've read it as "chasing vulvas"...
Merry Xmas to you and Tim.

Kenski said...

Same to you, mate :-)

It's waaaay too early on a post-clubbin' Sunday to even begin to process 'chasing vulvas'!!!!!